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Gayton Nabess


I am a Cree-Métis who has resided in Terrace, BC since 1984. I create sculptures that seek to capture the moments that often escape cameras or companions notice. I use wood and stone in my sculptures and often find inspiration in natural shapes and cues in the materials.  The subjects of my art are wide-ranging and have included animal, natural and aesthetic influences.


 I grew up in Northern Manitoba and I originally became interested in sculpture through relatives efforts in creating wood and antler art.  Starting in 1998 I created a number of sculptures following their style of using the shapes already in the wood. The feedback I received from friends and artists was very encouraging. I began to attempt more challenging subjects from raw wood. The North coast of B.C. has a number of well regarded First Nation artists, some who I knew prior to starting my works. The beauty, talent and power of their work have given me further drive to do my best.


   I have submitted my work for consideration in a number of art contests and shows. One highlight of my efforts is a sculpture I created for the conference; “The Friends of Wild Salmon” held in Kitsumkalum in 2004. The sculpture “Look” features an  Alder Salmon breaching from a Black Slate surface.


 Through my sculptures I seek to capture moments that we see but are unable to record or share with others. I am influenced by all my experiences and adventures. I admire art from a wide-ranging of cultures such as the ancient Inca-Aztec and/or the Egyptian.


The art of the North West Coast has long been a major influence, and I try to respect their efforts and skills. I am a member of the Freda Deising School of North Coast Art at Coast Mountain Community College at Terrace. Under the technical teachings of Tsimshian masters; Dempsey Bob, Stan Bevan and Ken McNeil I have developed and practiced skills in drawing, painting, design, tool building and sculpture. The school`s wealth of talent and commitment has encouraged me to work at my own style and technique.

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